House in Forest 2017

Father, Chen shubao; mother, Liu yuchun. Under the appearance of happy-looking, huge pains hide in their hearts.

The couple is the villagers of a mountain village named Maozishan in the poor mountainous region of Hebei Province. In order of making a living, both the husband and his wife have to work far from their hometown. They can only go home to see their child, Jajing, in the several days in Chinese Spring Festival. In some old days when the mother just gave birth to Jajing, she was forced to lay the premature infant aside and continued to work elsewhere. When being asked if she was anxious to see her daughter, the mother buried her face in her hands while tears falling down from her cheek; though the father kept silence at that time, the heartbreaking answer was self-evident.

Jiajing, who is one of the left-behind children in the Maozishan Village, is longing for the return of her parents all the time.

Aged 7 years old, Jiajing loves playing with the toy bear, who can accompany her at every moment when she is learning, sleeping and whispering. “Because the little bear is the mother.”, which is the answer of innocent Jiajing. Her parents’ economic capacity can’t afford to buy the toy bear, while as chance would have it. A friend of Jiajing’s mother, who had originally intended to throw the toy away, gave it to Jiajing as a present. Afterwards, the little bear took the position of Jiajing’ mother.

Jiajing is very sensible. In order to set her parents’ mind at rest, she not only studies diligently, but also actively helps his grandfather to do farm work. However, who knows the pains hidden in the heart of the little girl, and who can give her loving care?

Impressive Philanthropy Events ─「G.e.t. LoveIN 2017」

Love in Heart

As mentioned in Great Learning: “to cultivate the moral self, regulate the family, maintain the state rightly and make the world peaceful”.  The family, as the starting point to make outstanding achievement in society, is just like a number of concentric circles, in which, love is like the common circle center and tolerance abilities is like the radiuses. Our life journey is also supported by the family. 

Though the moral character varies from individual to individual, “homesickness and reluctance to be away from home” is almost the common personality traits of anyone. At home, one can freely take off his or her disguise and enjoy the pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy of a happy-gathering family, and take the family as a warm haven for body and mind.

However, for some people in some places, it is not the case.

Love can make the life more beautiful, and make the world more wonderful.

Love can make the life more beautiful, and make the world more wonderful.

Every child has the right to enjoy parental affection and care. But some children can’t get the loving care from father and mother. Without parents’ guidance and education, even without family warmth, it is impossible for these children to grow up healthily.  The unfavorable situation of the left-behind children is very likely to undermine their self-confidence and future hope.  

In order to arouse resonance, promote interaction and bear more responsibility to enhance the perceiving of the essence of LOVE. Everyone still has a long way to go. “G.e.t. LoveIN  2017 - the construction project” in China was officially launched to build a home for those left-behind children -  it is the Child Care Centre at the mountain village of Maozishan.

The construction site of Child Care Centre is located at Maozishan Village, Pingquan County. Almost all the Pingquan Country is in mountainous region. Both the problem of poverty and the left-behind children are severe. In order to carry out education and pastoral care activities themed with child reading, child safety and child protection, a Child Care Centre with supporting facilities shall be constructed at the Maozishan Village, therefore place the children of the village in a safe and healthy growing environment full of social care and joys.

Domestic well-known charities such as The Amity Foundation, Tencent Gongyi and Hebei Pingquan Child Development Centre gave their strong supports, assisting to plan and establish the Children’s Care Home and related fundraising platforms.

 “Good intention in everyday means good luck in everyday”; we would like to call on all of you to pay more attention to the healthy growth of the left-behind children in mountainous region, and to make your contribution to the project of Tencent Gongyi  ─ “Assistance in the Construction of the Child Care Centre” at Maozishan Village. Please provide your love offering and compassion donation to the children and make them experience the true love from the society, and from all over the world. “Many drops of water make an ocean, many grains of rice make a great heap; never underestimate the strength of your own; do not avoid doing a good deed even if it seems trivial.”  Only lift up the lamp in your hand a little, you can illuminate the children’s every dream for tomorrow!”

Please support the project of the Child Care Centre on the fundraising platform of Tencent Gongyi, Thank you!